Friday, October 19, 2007

Open Skies

This was reported on the US government website from April and it is worth keeping an eye on for transatlantic flights to and from the U.S and any EU country. Some are expecting this to reduce the cost of airline travel to and from the States. Others are staying it will not happen. Only time will tell.

Valuable Open Skies Benefits: The Agreement will authorize every U.S. and every EU airline to:

· fly between every city in the European Union and every city in the United States;

· operate without restriction on the number of flights, aircraft, and routes;

· set fares according to market demand; and

· enter into cooperative arrangements, including codesharing, franchising, and leasing.

In addition, the Agreement will foster enhanced regulatory cooperation in areas as diverse as competition law, government subsidies, the environment, consumer protection, and security. It establishes a consultative Joint Committee through which the U.S. and the EU can resolve questions and further develop areas of cooperation.

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