Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leaving for Home

Ron went down presumably for breakfast, before I was ready. When I went down, he was not in the breakfast room. I knew he was our wandering, so I had an enjoyable breakfast alone. When he returned and had his, we spent an hour walking the village for the last time. I swear I will not miss the cobblestones at all.

The shuttle was there promptly at 11:00 am. There were three others in in already, picked up at different hotels. We added yet another couple after us making 7 total. The single
passenger in the front seat was from Iowa; the couple behind us was from Pennsylvania. They were really talkative and the wife kept the conversation going steadily when she found that we lived in Budapest. They was their stop off after Vienna. They picked our brains.

Once in Linz, we enjoyed the breads and coffees in the snack shops before boarding our train. This go around, we did not have a seat in a compartment, but regular seating. It was fine and we had all four seats 2 by 2 facing each other to ourself.

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