Sunday, October 21, 2007

Language Issues and a Good-Bye

I am having language issues with Google and the blog. Each time I start a search in Google or any other search engine, it defaults to Hungarian. The same with this blog. This started happening about a month ago and I don't know why. I checked my language preferences in Google every time I open it and change it to English. Firefox is in English in the tools section and has not changed. Internet Explorer is in English and that has not changed either. This is maddening, having to change each time I use it. I have cleaned the caches more than once and then did the changes yet again. There don't seem to be any new solutions that I can find when searching, so if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE... As we get closer to the end of October, we are coming to the end of SkyEurope airline's visibility in Hungary. As of November 1st, they will no longer fly into or out of Budapest. It is disheartening when an airline stops flying from your local airport, reducing the number of destination options. They flew to 23 cities from here and though some of those routes may be picked up by the force that drove them out, Wizz Airlines, not all of them will be covered. We had used SkyEurope often to go to Paris and Amsterdam. The fares were usually a bit lower than the competition. They will be missed. On the bright side, in October and then in November, Ryanair has started service from Budapest to Dublin and then Glasgow. Two places we cannot afford to visit often due to the state of the dollar. Of course when we went to Edinburgh in August, there were no budget airlines flying from here to there and to combine flights would have cost more than we spent on KLM. Maybe next summer.

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