Friday, June 23, 2006

A Few Hundred Demonstrate

The next day's news in the Budapest Business Journal.

“A few hundred demonstrators gathered in Szabadság tér in front of the US Embassy yesterday afternoon to protest against the visit and policy of US President George W. Bush. Environmental groups Védegylet and Greenpeace were present, along with others such as the anti-globalisation group Attac at the gathering organised by Civilians for Peace.

Philosopher and communist-era dissident Miklós Tamás Gáspár gave the opening speech, asking on what basis Bush speaks out against foreign occupation in regard to 1956, when the US itself is an occupying force elsewhere. He denounced war and murder and spoke up for hope. Earlier, Amnesty International demonstrators in yellow overalls like those worn by inmates of Guantánamo prison were removed from Adam Clark tér before the US President's convoy drove by. “

Photo is my own.

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