Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bush is Here

George W. arrived in Budapest today. The preparation has been unreal and the cost to the American taxpayer is astronomical. They had to fly over his special bulletproof cars and there were dozens of costly preparations for his less than 24-hour trip. This morning starting at 7:00 am, the sound of helicopters flying overhead has been non-stop.

He is giving a short speech and then returning home. The occasion is the 50-year
anniversary of the 1956 Revolution against the Russians here in Hungary. His cousin is the current Ambassador, but he is retiring this summer to be replaced with one of George’s former girlfriends from university days. The cousin replaced Laura’s Bush’s best friend who could not give a rip about Hungary. This is not a respected country for diplomacy when they use it for nepotism. There was a rally protesting his visit at 4:00 outside the US Embassy.

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