Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Day With Students

One of the students who I advised for her thesis wanted to meet with me for a coffee. We arranged to meet at one of my favorite cafés at 11:00. We chatted about a dozen different topics and then she presented me with gifts as a ‘Thank you’ for my advisor role. I was so touched. She used one of her sister’s photos of a sunflower and transferred it onto a t-shirt. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers, but she had no idea until today. She also made me a picture hanger and had my travel photos that I had shared with students printed and placed. I will put this in the kitchen as a constant reminder. She is also part of a small orchestra, so my gift included 2 CDs of their music. I had attended one of their Christmas concerts a couple of years ago and was enthralled even not being a music lover.

We continued talking until the second student came along who also wanted to meet with me. I had a CD to share with her, so she was coming to pick it up. The first student left a half hour after the second student’s arrival. Then I received an SMS from a third student who also wanted to meet with me. After arranging the third meeting, I said good-bye to number 2 and moved on to student number 3. We finally parted at 6:00 pm. A seven hour day with students, tiring, but fulfilling to know they want to spend time with me. One of the joys of teaching!

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