Friday, February 10, 2006

Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent Flyer Miles This will show the differences in airlines. I booked our frequent flyer tickets to South Africa through Delta via South African Airlines. It took two phone calls and we had to get ourselves to Paris or use an additional 30,000 miles. We took a budget airline to Paris and saved the miles. Ron wants to visit his family this summer. His 80 y.o. sister is getting married after 25+ years of being a widow. I told him to use my Northwest miles. I just had enough. He called their number in the States 17 times and each time they had nothing, but told him to call again. Today, he hit the jackpot or not. Here are his connections. He has to get to Vienna on his own. Not a hassle, Vienna airport has a shuttle bus from Budapest. Vienna to Amsterdam Amsterdam to London (change airports) London to Detroit (overnight stay) Detroit to Cincinnati Cincinnati to Cedar Rapids, Iowa (he has family here and will drive with them to Denver for the wedding) His return is: Denver to Memphis Memphis to Newark Newark to Amsterdam Amsterdam to Vienna Vienna to Budapest on his own. Dollar savings $1,100.00 minus going to and from Vienna, one hotel night in Detroit, $121.00 in taxes, and $6.00 in international phone cards. Was it worth it? I will tell you when he returns in July. Feb. 10 2006

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