Monday, February 13, 2006

Customer Service Yea

Customer Service, Yea Right Today is the Monday that Bank of America is supposed to call us back, according to their service rep. It never happened. I was too angry to call them again since we have to wait until 4:00 pm our time to start trying. They are nine hours earlier. Actually, I did try three times and received a busy signal, then I gave up and told Ron he would have to follow up on this. In the meanwhile, we did not have Internet. I called the cable company and the rep there told me they had to put us on ‘reduced service’ for not paying our bill. Now I was seeing red. I had gone into the office on the 7th of this month for this very reason. I had every bank statement from August of last year with me. I had all of the payments circled and the woman at that time made photocopies of all of them. It seems they lost the payment for October and even with proof on the statement it was paid, they could not find it. In the meanwhile, they had lost January’s payment too. It was too late to do anything about it then, but the next day Ron was going to do down there yet again with a student, while I was at school. Aggravation comes in many forms. Ron continued calling the bank. He finally spoke with someone who said it would take 5-7 business days for them to find their error. Of course they did not admit to it being their error, but if there was no check deposited, how could it have bounced and be withdrawn from our account. So we are without the use of our $2,500. while they try to find the error. Bank of America is getting too big and too sloppy!

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