Saturday, February 25, 2006

At Last

I am not going to bore anyone else with this after this post, including myself. At 1:05 am, I called the AT&T access number that Bank of America gave me to get our new account number. Then I was to call an 800 number. When I reached the AT&T operator, she said that the 800 number was not valid from Hungary. I had her dial the San Francisco number, though I knew I was calling Boston for the new account number. After explaining to the operator that they had a phone tree, but stated they would accept collect calls, she disconnected from me. Of course, I could not get through, so had to start again. The second operator did the same thing, but later came back on and said she 'could not wait for them to answer' while I was in a 20 minute queue waiting for the representative. I calmly stated that if she had stayed on the line, she would have heard the announcement stating they accepted collect calls. "Oh, well I will have to dial again." There went my place in the queue. When I reached San Francisco, I told the rep that I needed to reach the other office and she graciously connected me. Then it dawned on me that my bank account is in CA, the check was fraudulently cashed in a Bank of America in Georgia, and I was calling Boston Bank of America to find out my new account number. Even if we wanted to change banks, you can run, but you cannot hide. The large banks will eventually buy out the bank you choose and you will be under their control yet again. The other epiphany I had was that I was calling Boston, which was three hours later than CA and only six hours earlier than here. I did not need to wait until 1:05 am, but could have called at 10:05 pm our time. Duh!!! After reaching the Boston office, I had our new number, was able to sign into the online banking and redid our accounts for auto payments once again. Hopefully, in the next few days, it will continue to work and there will not be any snafus. Let's put this puppy to bed.

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