Saturday, February 16, 2002

Tea Pots, Answering Machines, and a Vanilla Sky

February 16, 2002 Later Tea Pots, Answering Machines, and a Vanilla Sky My new Ikea pillow is a dream machine. I slept like a charm and the bed totally caresses a body. Timi never returned with the pillows she promised or the other items she was supposed to get, so it is a good thing we bought the pillow. The linens here are different. The sheets are not contoured for the bottom sheet, but flat. Since the beds are not standardized sizes, the bottom sheet is usually not long enough to tuck in on the sides, but only at the top and bottom. Top sheets are not used at all. In place of a top sheet, you use a down comforter and cover that with a slipcover that buttons at the bottom. This is pretty standard throughout Europe. They come in various sizes and our bed has two single sizes on it. I hate these since if you roll the wrong way during the night, the comforter flips off you and the cold air attacks your sleepy warm body and there goes the heat. It takes another half hour of pre-heating your body oven to get warm and toasty once again. We have a double size comforter, but Timi has not brought the cover for it yet. This is one less conformity that they do not have to worry about to join the European Union. Pillowcases are some huge cases that you could put a sofa cushion in, but the pillows range from what we would consider a small decorative pillow to something that should be used as a sacrificial altar. The pillowcase also buttons at the end to prevent the trapped pillow from escaping in the middle of the night.

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