Friday, February 01, 2002

Another Washout

February 1, 2001 Another Washout Last night was one of my horrific sleeping nights. I could not get comfortable no matter what I did, though I was very tired at midnight. After a half hour of tossing and turning, I arose to read and wound up reading until nearly 2:30 am. I had to be up at 6:15 am for another observation of a class. I still did not sleep when I returned to bed and after another half hour, got up yet again. At 4:30, I made another attempt that proved to be more successful, though short. With the knowledge that I was able to take a nap when I finished at 10:00, it was enough to get me through the day. I arrived at the Hungarian Patent Office at 8:10 and had arranged to meet this teacher in the lobby. The lobby however had a security gate that needed to be negotiated, so I opted to wait outside. I met again the first teacher that I observed and we chatted for a minute. He described the teacher that I was to meet. I waited until 8:25 and then went into the building to see if he was perhaps waiting inside, but he was not. I showed the guard the name in my appointment book, but it meant nothing to him. Using my best charade, I am becoming a champion at these by now; he understood that I was waiting for this person. He let me in the security gate and gallantly offered me a seat. The seat was in a side lobby with milk glass doors. At this point, I was too frustrated to care. If he was supposed to show ten minutes prior to the class, he was already late. I waited until 8:45 and went home. Ron was still sleeping. I called the school to let them know that this guy did not show. Fortunately, I had run into Steven, the other teacher who could verify that I was indeed there. The director acted like it was my fault. If I had known that a teacher was going to meet me, I would have looked for them. I spoke the teacher myself to arrange the meeting. Ron left to visit a different thermal bath with heated swimming pools and then he had the faculty meeting at the school. I curled up on the sofa and went off to dreamland. As soon as I was asleep, the phone rang. Ron was wanted for another interview. Back to sleep again and the doorbell rang. delivers! Although they sent the shipments via United Parcel Service, they went to the Post Office who delivered them to the door. This special delivery guy and I are becoming friends. Nodding off to sleep yet again, the phone rings once more. I am invited to another interview. By this time, all vestiges of sleep have been stripped away and there is no use in trying again. Ron bounced in the door. He is so much more alive than he has been in years, aside from when he is around family or friends. This new found confidence has been better than a blood transfusion. Now we have dozens of things to discuss each day. It is fun and rejuvenating for both of us to have so many new things to share. I shared with him that the new adventures that he is plunging into are making him much more talkative. Life has been good since we are both settling in more. Ron starts his Hungarian lessons Monday night. I start a writer’s group Tuesday night and teaching on Wednesday. The next installment will be a special edition on the thermal baths, since I have had so many questions from many of you.

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