Friday, February 01, 2002

Our New Address

We are moving as of February 15, 2002, our new address will be:

Mail is addressed like the following:

Our name

1072 Budapest

XXXXX u. 18, IV. em. 24

There is an accent mark over the second a in, but I do not have Word set up in Hungarian yet.

Our new phone number is 36 (code for Hungary) -1 (code for Budapest) and then our number 267-52**

We will have a spacious three-bedroom apartment that will sleep six comfortably and invite anyone to visit us and the wonders of this magnificent city.

We will be receiving mail at the old address until February 23, 2002 when our 30 day notice is over. The Hungarian mail is not the most reliable, so we have been advised that mail forwarding is not something that we should consider.

Ryan and Ron

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