Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sleeping on the Job

I have been sleeping on the job; I have to get back on track.

Having Howard and Mike over for dinner felt as comfortable as entertaining at home, but there was a learning curve involved. We have become accustomed to shopping in Budapest, knowing the stores, our butcher and our green grocer. We are familiar with which products to buy where. We intimately know the variables of our stove and oven; there are rarely surprises.

When you are in a different city and home, everything starts from scratch. Sure, we have been shopping here and cooking, but it is for us. If calamity strikes, we only have ourselves to blame. Do not get me wrong, Mike and Howard are not intimidating dinner guests; if things went south, they would be gracious. They are from Georgia after all, so they know when things go south.

Well, I am pleased to say we managed to get decent pork chops, find enough ingredients to combine with them for a delicious meal that Ron put together. Ron has been master chef almost every night, expanding his cooking repertoire with strange new edible ingredients and experimenting with items we cannot translate.

Dinner was as delight with fun company. We have been enriched this trip so far by having Mike and Howard to share social events with; we are maximizing the time. We will have dinner with them and a horde of others at Joe’s Secret Garden this Saturday night. There will be more about that after the event.

Having Howard and Mike over, gave us a hankering to try the metal museum once again. When we were there with them, we did not have any luck. It was closed.

Ron and I ventured over. Once again, the sculpture of the man evolving from the volcano really had an impact on me. There is something emotional here that is beyond description.  An energy overtakes me as I scan each piece of tile used to create it. The last time, Howard had posted a few pictures on Facebook. One of his commenters mentioned how she would like to photograph each tile. This made me wish I had done this. Today, I did photograph a number of the tiles that really spoke to me in various ways.

Can you imagine being this artist as a child and having to

write out his full name all the time?

Of course, the museum was still closed, so we never did get in. We waited beyond the reopening hour post lunch of 2pm, but by 2:45, it was still shuttered. 

On our way back to the bus, Ron was hungry for empanadas. Just by luck, we found Las Empanadas de las Herrerias on our way. We ordered two of each: carne, queso, and pollo. This was dinner. They were delicious! The crust was flaky and light while the insides of the meat options were stuffed with juicy meat. The cheese ones were good too, but not moist. This would be a return to place if we were here longer. 

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