Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catholics and Other Cositas

Being out of the center of town, I did not want Ron to venture off to church alone. I went along, but waited for him in the park across the street. I had great hopes of making this a relaxing, do nothing at all Sunday. It did not turn out that exactly the way I hoped.

We have seen one church from afar, but never up close. It was San Blas church, so we headed in that

direction. The neighborhood changed from city center prosperous to lower middle class on a downward slope. Before reaching the church, we were pleased to see a well-maintained park covering one city block. San Blas sits on one corner across the street from the park. Of course, by the time we arrived, the doors were locked.

Strangely, on the opposite corner and cross the park sits El Pastor, another Catholic church. Before it came into full view, I thought it was a castle themed hotel. When we were able to get a closer look, it still had some castle qualities, but it is a church.

On the way back, we stopped at a restaurant called Cositas (Little things). What drew our attention were wine bottles and sheets of newspaper plastered on the walls. Moving into the next room, covering one section of one wall were photos of Miss Ecuador dating from 1957. Another wall held Mr. Universe photos. The room where we dined had a wide assortment of little things filling every wall.

Before returning home, we sat in the park to people watch

while sampling what is supposed to be
the best ice cream in Cuenca. Who should we run into but Howard and Mike. What a fun small world!

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