Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready, Set, Fly

Airport Budapest, Ferihegy, Terminal 1. View f...
Airport Budapest, Ferihegy, Terminal 1. View from ramp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This morning I came across a news item concerning the Budapest Airport. It seems there is a new regulation that has been put into place, but not well documented for those concerned. Now, any car whether passenger or taxi are allowed five minutes standing time when dropping off passengers. After the five minutes are over, there is a fine of 2,000 Huf delivered to the vehicle's driver on the spot. It seems unsuspecting drivers have found that fine presenters are alert and ambitious in proving their worthiness.

The enforcers claim there are huge signs posted, but drivers need to read them to be informed. How despicable is that? They also stated that there were public announcements in the media and on their Facebook page. The Facebook page for the airport is exactly where I would think of looking to find changes in parking rules.

Having witnessed the speed with which many tourists approach their taxi when leaving us for a stay, I think Főtaxi, the official airport taxi had just better raise their fares by 2,000 Huf. The airport shuttle would be best served installing ejector seats.
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