Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Fears for Tears

This is it. The day we have been dreading the most. This is our last time out with J and A. We invited them out to dinner so they came by around 7pm. There was a new Thai restaurant a couple of blocks from us that we wanted to check out.

Dinner was good, not exceptional, but good. I would definitely recommend the chicken coconut soup. The Pad Thai was tasty, but lacked the quantity of peanuts I associate with it. The others enjoyed their choices. We would definitely return. When the meal was over, we needed another diversion to keep the evening going, so we went to the ruins pub that is on top of the building where we ate. If anyone had told me we would have needed to climb 589 stairs to get there, I would have changed plans significantly. Okay, so there are not 589 stairs, but by the time we reached the top, we were in a different time zone. 

The view from the Corvin Terrace is spectacular. It doesn't matter how many rooftops or viewpoints you visit in this city, each one provides its own splendor and awe. This one is no exception. For a review of this kert or of others, click here.

We put away a pitcher of beer at dinner, chugged another large one on the roof, the clock was approaching midnight and Jeff and Allison still had to pack before the taxi arrived at 7 am. We walked them to the tram. We all hugged. Jeff and I hugged the longest and then we both started to cry. We bonded. We enjoyed each others' company. We became friends. Now he is gone. Fears for tears ~ what a catchy name for a band.
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