Friday, July 06, 2012

Graffiti Artists at Work

I was down by Deák Ferenc tér after stopping at Red Bus Bookstore. The square by the old bus terminal which is now a design center has these semi-permanent little wooden huts selling cheeses, palinka, ice cream and other things I have not been able to identify. 

At various spots, there are guys, three that I noticed, who have a plastic wrap spread between two trees or poles as the case may be. They are creating graffiti on the plastic. It is quite fascinating to see what can be created with cans of spray paint. A little breeze and you could lose control of your painting.

Here are two I caught in action. The third one seemed to be lagging behind. He had barely stated.

It was so hot, the city has water stations set up. There were a number of water dispensers so people could help themselves.  Funny, but what was Coffee Heaven up until just weeks ago, is now another Starbucks. Their prices are comparable; it isn't a cost factor, but Starbucks is being a monopoly.

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