Saturday, July 07, 2012

47 or 49?

If you are familiar with Budapest, you just may think that the 47 or 49 refers to the tram lines that run on the inner ring road. Oh, but you would be wrong, in this instance anyway.

Since it is so hot out, all conventional wisdom has reiterated that one should intake more liquids to remain hydrated. I have take that advice to heart and have been visiting 47 and 49 Akacfa u. 
Both addresses are kerts. What is a kert you ask? These are ruins pubs. The are basically squatters who have created a bar. Once in the inner courtyards, you will see the building is even more dilapidated than it is on the outside, but the atmosphere is refreshing, fun, and relaxing.
This one below is the newest addition and has reached favored status from everyone I have brought here. With a name that translates to something like a storage shed, you will find the interior walls covered with the miscellaneous items one may have stuffed and forgotten in storage.
They have a beer called Sufni that is a delight in the dark variety. I have yet to try the light.

At number 49, you will find the Tooth House. Though not a charming as number 49, there are some cozy little tables to hide away into a nook with your laptop and beer. I just came from this kert, specifically to research this blog post. They don't have any exceptional beers, but I did find a little hide-away to read the news on my phone. I just finished the book The End of Faith by Sam Harris last night and didn't want to start a new one. Ron returns tomorrow with a load of books I ordered. I wish I had ordered more of Harris's books.

I think that by the time I reached home, a full block away from these places, all of the alcohol has been vaporized into the atmosphere, but the mere chemical reaction of heat to sweat pores. However, my efforts to stay hydrated are not in vein. I picked up another can of beer on the way home. 
For the latest on the kert scene, visit this pub site by clicking on the word pub.

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