Thursday, May 17, 2012

Semester Endings

Yesterday was the last day of my semester. Other than going in on Monday to sign grade books, and then two different Wednesdays to administer thesis defenses, I am free to do what I want until September. That is the luxury of being a university instructor. Of course after having to be responsible for ten classes this semester, this is a welcomed break. 

As the Coordinator of the Journalism and Writing Program, one that I created, I have been overwhelmed with the creativity that students exhibit. Each year, students seem to raise the bar one peg higher than the class before them. Although, they are not always performing to my expectations in all of their classes, the Creative Writing and the Blogging/Website classes are two where they shine. 

I want to share some of their blogs and websites that they created this semester. You have to remember, these students take an extraordinary number of classes, where fifteen a semester is just part of the norm. Some take more and some are enrolled in two universities at the same time. These are in the order that they sent them to me. There were other students as well, but they did not get their projects in by the deadline.

Istvan Szimhar:
Blog: Black and White Hungary
Website: Istvan’s bin

Marina Kompar:
Blog: Budapest with a Pinch of Music
Website: Vege Budapest

Gergő Holdosi:
Blog: The Healthy You
Website: Delicious Hungary

Emil Chalhoub:
Blog: Budapest Street Photography
Website: Emil Chalhoub  Photography & Journalism

Daniel Layko:
Blog: Musical Recreation
Website: Hungarian Breweries

Faisal Abu Ghaben:
Blog: The Faith Portal
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