Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That Is the Spirit or Not So Much

Airlines want to screw us every which way they can, are now acting like spoiled children besides. This just in from the FlyersRights.org newsletter. Spirit Airlines is suing the Department of Transportation for not allowing them to lie in ads for bargain fares. Here is the story.

"The discount carrier has advertised fares as low as $9 for some flights, while taking in over $100 million last year in ancillary fees. Spirit says it is now suing the federal government for violating its freedom of speech by forcing disclosure of taxes and fees in its advertising."

Corporations gone wild!!
If people could only put their wallet where their mouth is, it would show companies like this to take a flying leap without passengers or clients. They only continue because we continue to allow them to abuse us and the legal system.

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