Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Winding Down

It is difficult to conceive the fact that as of tomorrow, we will have been here 88 days. Things are winding down for us. We did manage to make it back to the National Museum, which has an incredible collection of archeological wonders from every region of Ecuador. The bane of the museum is that they changed policies and no longer allow pictures, even without a flash. This made the journey through the exhibits much faster, but I do have to admit the English descriptions have increased.

Today, we took our last trip to Old Town. Riding the crowded trolley bus that has caused us to be extra alert in the past has once again, caused some disruption. Both of us had our backs clutched tightly to our upper chest, yet when we reached our stop, Ron's Healthy Back bag was slit across the bottom. The good news is that they did not get a thing and the slit is perfectly parallel to the slit they incurred two years ago on a Quito trolley bus.

We went for our last almuerzo (lunch) for $2.50 each and
then noticed that the Centro Cultural Metropolitano has a new exhibit. It is Grandes Maestros del Arte Popular - Iberoamerica where artists from 22 Spanish speaking countries are exhibiting their work. It turned out to be about seven different rooms filled with glorious artwork. We were thrilled to finish off our
trip with this wonderful show.

The shuttle will come to pick us up at 3am, though our flight is not until 7:05am.
Thankfully, the Quito airport has a 24-hour Diner's Club lounge, so that is where we will be hanging out.

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