Sunday, April 05, 2015

Volcanoes Train Tour

Why do a lot of typing when I can share the entire day's itinerary with one picture? We did the one train tour from Alausí and liked it so much, we tried to do the one from Otavalo. However, we were not there on one of the few days that trip runs. We were lucky to get tickets for the Quito to the Volcanoes trip on Holy Saturday. Here is our itinerary, but more follows.
Ron's discounted ticket was $25.50, but mine was $37.50. For a full day with lunch and entertainment, it was a bargain.
The cultural presentation included a lot of dancing with wonderfully colorful costumes.

The lunch provided was an incredibly delicious spread. After lunch those who wanted had time to ride a horse around the grounds, visit the petting zoo with a llama, alpaca and other animals. 

I found one alpaca baby playing hide and seek with its mother and the very rare two headed alpaca.
Later, when we returned to Quito, we checked out some churches to see what was in the works for Easter. One church has this female on a crucifix. We first encountered her in a church in Italy, but her name escapes me. There was nothing to identify her in the church.

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