Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello Greek Cyprus!

We landed here at 8:45pm their time, an hour later than Budapest. The airport is wonderfully modern, yet being we came in on WizzAir, we had to walk from the plane to the airport and climb a flight of stairs before Passport Control. This was a surprising simple process at both ends, Budapest and Larnaca. No one asked us why we entered the EU in April and stayed beyond our 90 days.

From the airport, there are two choices of transport ~ airport express which runs about $9 per person or a taxi, which was $15 total. When the driver asked if we were spending our entire stay at the Cactus Hotel, our destination, I became a little concerned. Banking on the fact we were only there for one night, it seemed we would be able to cope with whatever arose.

Blindly, I booked the room through Alpharooms.com, requesting one single and one double room. With the vouchers in hand showing the rooms were paid in full, we attempted checking in. Apparently, the Cactus Hotel had some prickly issues with the reservation, so there were not two rooms at the inn. Politely, the desk clerk asked that we follow her as she marched us across the street to the San Remo Hotel.

We were given our keys for two rooms and told where and when breakfast would be in the morning. The room was objectively clean, yet upon closer inspection, there were dirty corners in various places that were decades overdue for meeting with a good scrub brush. Strangely, the toilet was blue until a few flushings turned it to its normal white color. The downside of this was that the tank never stopped running, causing a bit of plumbing surgery to be done by our own Schmitz the plumber’s assistant.

We did find a delightful restaurant not far from the hotel on the waterside. We were the only patrons, but honestly, none of the surrounding establishments had any guests either. It was cold and blustery out. The walk back was quite chilly.

All night long, there was a boom-boom-boom sound that was mechanical, not musically instigated. Hence, the clock mocked me at 2am and teased that I would never get to sleep. We knew we were taking the 10am bus to Limassol and then to Paphos. Not even my Tylenol PM is cutting it tonight.

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