Sunday, November 02, 2014

Differing Stories – Same Results

Okay, who went to the bathroom last?
It has peeved me to the extreme to read about the man who purposefully went to North Korea, leaving a bible behind. There are a couple of comments he made which tends to raise the issue of his mental state. This is not to say that he is mentally unbalanced, but most likely has some personality disorder.

Various reports that I have read from different sources report differing claims. Some say he left the bible in a nightclub while others are stating it was a fast food type restaurant. All seem to agree that he left it in the bathroom of whichever establishment it was, but some say under the trash container while it has also been ‘placed’ on the counter. Regardless, “Fowle said he left the Bible — with his name in it.” Um, can we see where this is going here?

Did this man run out of countries to travel to and only North Korea was left on the bucket list?

I have to wonder about the wife and kids he left behind? Did he consider at all the potential consequences of his actions? 

Six months is a long time for a family to be without a breadwinner, especially with three children. Where are the family values at play? 

Being a city employee, the city terminated his employment for his lengthy absence.  Plus it was rumored, they were really upset they didn't even get a postcard.

“Fowle said he knew there was a risk but believed it was worth taking to get the Bible into the hands of North Korean Christians.” Why on earth would he think that a Christian is going to rummage through the bathroom to find the abandoned bible? Knowing relatives of the Supreme leader have been executed, who would risk taking the bible with them?

Then there are the expenses placed on US taxpayers in order to negotiate his release, though it was finally done through the Swedish government. If a country is hostile and we have no diplomatic relations with them, you should even consider going for tourist reasons.

He was able to get his job back, but with restrictions on future travel. It will be too soon that junket is turned into a bestselling book and movie of the week. Maybe he took a page from the playbook of the Kardashians and Mama June. Stay tuned for Here Comes Something Fowle. 

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