Sunday, October 12, 2014

Carbon Dating or Dating Carbon

This comment was sent by Jennifer Norcross, a former Fulbrighter, a high school English teacher, and a friend. I thought it was too funny not to share. On second thought, it really makes me feel old.

"I really had to laugh at the mention of carbon paper!!!!  I never worked with it myself, but remember it from my student days… mainly my elementary school days!!  When a colleague retired a few years ago and she cleaned out her files, she found many examples of it.  I remember she brought one exhibit down to my room to show me, and when I noted that in the year in which it was dated - 1973 - I was in kindergarten, she agreed that it was time to throw it out :)"

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Unknown said...

Well... I have to say that we in Argentina still use some carbon paper ... To keep a mandatory copy of hand-written invoices for instance. Or in any hand-written form that needs one or more copies. You can easily get them at any stationery shop. This is common in South America, so I'd imagine that in a lot of other places it is too.

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