Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adrianna Responds to Carbon Dating...

Adriana Penco left a comment on my post "Carbon Dating or Dating Carbon":

"Well... I have to say that we in Argentina still use some carbon paper ... To keep a mandatory copy of hand-written invoices for instance. Or in any hand-written form that needs one or more copies. You can easily get them at any stationery shop. This is common in South America, so I'd imagine that in a lot of other places it is too."

What I thought was one of the best inventions leaving carbon paper for time capsules was the invention of NCR paper. Even here in Hungary all of our invoice books use NCR and not carbon paper. This is why I was so shocked the district office was not using it. NCR comes in multiple colors and can be printed to order just like any other paper product.

Definition of:NCR paper

"A multiple-part paper form that does not use carbon paper. The ink is adhered to the reverse side of the previous sheet. Originally developed by NCR Corporation and known as 'NCR brand, carbonless paper,' it has also been called 'no carbon required' paper."

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Anonymous said...

While everyone can appreciate your preference for NCR paper, your own link to Wikipedia also highlights known issues with NCR paper. Such as, despite the modern reformulation of NCR paper, the chemicals used in NCR paper are still toxic to users of this paper specifically, and are an environmental issue in general. The fact that a "Public Health" worker rather uses carbon paper should give you pause and something to think about.

Also do consider that since carbon paper can be reused hundreds of times, it is long term cheaper to use than NCR paper. A fact that a "budget" nomad should appreciate.

You make find it antiquated and humorous, but many others still find it useful and practical. You can even still today easily purchased carbon paper from Amazon in the USA.

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