Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeding the Soul One Bite After Another

We were headed to what we thought was a new vegetarian restaurant that former B and B guests had recommended. It is not that we are vegetarians, but we do like to sample new places and generally vegetarian restaurants are economical. Lunch time would be especially cheap, not need a large meal.

When we arrived at the address, one quick look at the menu outside assured us that a vegetarian restaurant would not be serving duck sausage or pea soup with ham. Good grief, they are right across the street from a synagogue. Have they no shame? The pork offerings should have been hidden under a lift up flap of paper at least. Nothing on the menu appealed to our mindset of vegetarian headset. Our wallet was not overjoyed either.  We moved on right next door.

Okay, don’t lambast me for this. We settled on Soul Food where I ordered a chili lime burger and Ron had Jambalaya. Okay, okay, we both ate meat. That was not the point of eating out, but rather to try somewhere new.

First I was asked how I would like my burger cooked. I thought this was a trick question. I had only heard it in Budapest once before when apparently the waiter didn’t understand the answer.

OMG, the burger was served with the most delectable bun I have ever had married to a burger. The top of the bun had a yellow drizzle on it, I presume it was the mango. Between the bun and the burger, I had to stretch wide to bite. The mix of flavors was so astonishingly luscious while at the same time dripping sauce down my hands, lips soaking my moustache, I didn’t want to lose a drop. Cooked exactly the way I directed, it was definitely one of the best burgers I have had in years.

The French fries that came on the side were spiced, cut thin, but still moist inside. What a ménage à trois this group made: bun, burger, fries.

Ron and I exchanged tastes. His Jambalaya had perfect spices to enhance the sausage, but not overwhelm the delicate taste of the shrimp.

This is a repeat place. The owner told us they add items to the menu about every three months. I spotted ribs go by that had me licking my chops like Pavlov’s dog. Fortunately, I was stuffed from the perfectly cooked hamburger.

Soul Food VII. Kazinczy u. 32

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