Monday, September 29, 2014

According to My Mom

At the risk of demasculinizing myself, I have to say Ron and I went to a ‘darling’ little café today called According to My Mom. Okay, darling is not the most masculine adjective, but you know the old adage “when the shoe fits…” It was darling, without a doubt.

It is the only way to describe this tiny nook of an establishment that looks like it was decorated by a country French Provencal stylist. Bouquets of lavender are hanging in the windows, sharing their shade of muted purple which has been painted on two walls. The distressed white wood staircase, tables, and chairs blend perfectly to create an overall French countryside sensation.

Although there is an abbreviated breakfast or brunch menu, today, we just wanted to explore this place that had caught our attention this last week as we strolled by.

The owner is smiley and delightful. She convinced us to try her homemade carrot cake. It took little arm twisting since this is my all-time favorite, but we did ask for one piece with two forks. The lovely lady, cut the serving in half, placing it on two plates. Each plate had five fresh blueberries alongside the cake. It was moist and delicious, a perfect accompaniment to my café latte and Ron’s freshly made lemonade.

I can only blame the sugar rush as the cause for my not making a note of the exact address. However, I can say that it is placed on the left hand side of Wesselényi utca between Nyár utca and Nagy Diófa utca in the direction of the Dohány Synagogue.

Bon appétit!

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