Friday, September 06, 2013

No Room at the Inn, or Zoo, or Science Center, or...

Who would have thought booking a place for a reception would be so difficult? We wanted something different, but it appears it is not to be. Something in Des Moines is working against us.

We tried the Botanical Gardens and the Science Center. Sorry, we are booked up for Earth Day! Well we promise to recycle if you let us have a reception there. We only want something from 1 to 6pm.

Hoyt Sherman Theater is booked with another wedding reception. Jasper Winery only commits to receptions from 6pm onward. Too much lag time between the service and the reception.

The zoo has their large indoor room booked already, but offered the outdoor space. We thought this may have been a viable option, though the weather in April is unpredictable. Ron wrote the catering manager back, but she immediately wrote with an apology. That is their big Easter event, so the outer room is ‘outer’ our reach too.

Matty at suggested West End Salvage as a funky, popular place. We checked it out, but they too are booked up for the 19th. People keep asking if we can change the date to the week before or the week after. UH! We waited twenty years and now I am dealing with a school holiday. Can’t Earth Day wait a week? It has lasted this long. Another week won’t hurt.

I have combed the city for suggestions with both Matty, who has been a tremendous help and DMSBride. Yes, I registered just to get ideas. It looks like we will book the Embassy Suites where they are discounting a block of room for our guests.

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