Sunday, September 29, 2013

€69 The Price of Being a Boob

Yesterday, I plugged in my external hard drive into the computer. The drive is E:
The intent was to format it, so I started the process. I hit format. It took a great deal of time to start, which is abnormal, so I clicked it again.

I received the usual message that the drive was busy with another operation. Did I want to stop the operation that was in process and continue?
I clicked “Yes”.
It formatted.
Then I realized, to my complete and utter horror, I had just formatted my F: drive. The F: drive had all of my documents and over 600 movies along with 7,000 + photos.

Having had computers crash multiple times in the past, I knew having a nervous breakdown would just take up more precious time. Using my critical thinking skills, I stopped to assess how much of this has been backed up on other drives. Quite a bit, but as it generally happens, I had that nagging feeling that I was due for another back-up, but I never really wanted to take the time when the thoughts occurred.

I bought a disk recovery software program. It took 26 hours to collect what was close to 2 TB of data; TB mind you, not GB.

It finally finished, so I am restoring it part by part. The worst part is that the program gives you up to twenty copies of one document or graphic and you have to sort through to find which one is a good copy. For some, it was number 2, while others held out until number eighteen. The graphic and PDF files are the easiest as they show a preview, but there is a still a great proportion of deleting the extraneous copies. The problem with Word is that you have to try opening each and every copy until you find a good one. They are not showing in the preview section. 

The software has been fairly impressive so far, but it is not looking great for video files and it is ultra time-consuming.

I did want to do some housecleaning in this drive, but this is not the way I had intended to do it.

€69 that could have been spent on better causes. My only excuse is lack of sleep. Ron and I went to a bar Friday night to do a review for the Frommer’s nightlife section. We didn’t get home until 2:30 am and then had to get up to see a guest off at 7:30 am. Sleep after she left was elusive, so I didn’t bother. I paid the price.

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