Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Italians From All Over - Unite

This is just a quick note to share with fellow Italians who are not YET citizens of the land of wine and olives. We had a guest here who is exploring her Italian heritage and we were sharing stories. I had learned quite some time back that I could possibly be eligible for Italian citizenship or a passport since my mother’s father was born in Italy. My maternal grandmother popped out just as her parents reached NYC. Since my grandparents and parents are no longer around, it has been one wall after another. Finally, I gave up.

This is what our guest shared. There is a website called where they lead you through the matrix of eligibility, how to source the records needed and more. I just quickly glanced at it today, but have it book marked for the future. There are some records in my files, but it is far from complete. This is a treasure chest for researching Italian backgrounds.
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