Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cool Dual Fool Who'll Pool

Okay, the title may not make sense, but yesterday, Ron and I went to the Palatinus Water Park on Margaret Island. Ron had been there once before with his grandniece Elise, but this was my virgin voyage.  It is almost shameful to say that I have never been here before, having lived here for almost 12 years. Each year I have had wonderful intentions to go, but it had never happened. Partially, it is the fault of the Budapest Spa Authority who controls most of the spas and this water park. They open Palatinus in April when the weather is not the most conducive for swimming and then they close in mid-August when you really do want to cool off. 

Fed by the hot spring water on Margaret Island, this water-based recreation center has water slides, a wave pool and enough kiddie pools to host all of the preschools in the country at one time and still not feel overcrowded. There are a multitude of pools to choose from, but none are terribly deep, thus there are no diving boards anywhere in the complex.

One water slide that I would have loved to try is the wide tubed slide that accommodated a special inner-tube that one sits in why traveling through the spirals before the wet plunge. Just watching those youngsters was fun. The other tubes and the one slide were for the adventurous who wanted to climb the 2 story ladder to reach the top, only to descend again in a matter of seconds. It may be worthy of a one-time ride, but not have witnessed anyone over 25 years attempting it, I felt awkward on this maiden trip. Perhaps next time I will feel braver. 

We did do the wave pool, which doubles as the serious swimmer’s pool. When the waters are not waving, only those who really want to swim are allowed in: waders are not welcomed. At set times there is an alarm that sounds to alert everyone that the waves will commence shortly. Bathers come from all over the grounds to join in the fun. Some of the waves rise up over 7 feet high, adding to the excitement. After 15-20 minutes, the waters calm again and those fun seekers leave the pool. 

Entrance was 2,600 Huf for me and 1,900 Huf for Ron: both include locker storage. Considering you could spend the entire day there, it is a bargain. Once inside, it is co-ed with changing cabins as the first order of business and then your things get stored in a locker. You get one key and the attendant locks the other. 

Once changed, you are free to roam the extensive grounds. At one end the pool borders on hot, but was surprising refreshing even with the upper 80s temperature from the sun. I especially liked the whirlpool as shown in the picture where you enter and the current allows your body to sail around the maze.

My only wish is that was open later in the season, but something tells me it is related to school openings.

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