Friday, May 17, 2013

I See Dead People

Yesterday, as I was walking from the metro to my private student's home; the street was blocked off by 2 ambulances at weird angles. There were no police cars, which was confusing as to what was happening. As I walked down the sidewalk, I saw the corpse on the ground almost to the point where I had to walk around him.

How could I be certain it was a dead body? How could I be certain it was him and not her? The body was wrapped in black plastic and taped up with masking tape like a poorly wrapped oversized Christmas gift. The ankles and feet donned with boots were sticking out at the bottom. They were undoubtedly male. Now unless they wrap up sick people like this for transporting to a hospital, this guy was dead.

The question remains as to why there were no police on the scene. This street corner is visible from my student’s 5th floor apartment window. He mentioned he could see the ambulances, but was uncertain what was happening.

This is not my first dead person experience in Budapest. A few years ago, I was getting acupuncture treatments in Buda. Rather than wait for the tram after a treatment, I decided to walk to the metro. As I was passing a sliver of a park, there were ambulance workers fitting another male person into a body bag. Then, it was a regular “as seen on TV” body bag, not some Hefty bag from the local market.

Seeing dead people is not new for me. I spent 16 years as a medical social worker, so I have seen my share of people who have left this plane. Still each time, it still has a gripping effect.
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