Saturday, May 04, 2013

Don't Hang in the Closet Any Lonter

Every now and then someone asks me to check out their product for a possible promotion. I received a note about a free download for an eighteen page booklet explaining how to put old coat hangers to good use. What I expected was some run of the mill tips, like use it to open your car door when you lock yourself out if you have the antiquated type locks.

If you have an abundance of hangers just, well, hanging around, there is hope for innovative solutions to recycle them. It was surprising that I found a couple of tips that I could undoubtedly use. The belt organizer and the scarf holder are brilliant ideas. The latter is especially good for getting those winter scarfs out of the way in an organized manner, come warmer weather.

Time to get out of the closest and be resourceful. If you want the free download, click here.

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