Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Pink Tour

Don't confuse the post title with the singer, Pink. You will be vastly disappointed.

Yesterday, we joined our friends Laszlo, Istvan, and Dan on the Pink Tour, part of the LGBT celebration month. Gabriella, our tour guide, was delightfully cheery regardless of the fact that we were all clutching umbrellas to ward off the at times torrential rain. However, this tour was arranged for English speakers after I had written the organizers seeking the time and date for the English event. Up to that point, we had been neglected.

With such special planning on their part, it was up to us to show our appreciation by showing up regardless of the fact that it was freezing cold and similar to walking under Niagara Falls. After all the advertising I did for this event, limited to 15 participants, the only other attendee was a Ukrainian Central European University student.

Gabriella did a fine job showing us the sites past and present. Having lived here so long, a number of the places were familiar to me. There is a Gay and Lesbian section in all the Frommer’s guides (or I should say ‘were’). Still it is interesting to me how many nuggets of information I do gather on tours such as these. We went to places where famous actresses, writers, and other important people lived who happened to be gay or lesbian. There was little of transgender interest on the tour, but to be fair about 1 ½ hours into the 2 ½ hour tour, we who were the sheep told our shepherdess we were leaving the flock. The damp and unsympathetic temperature had gotten the best of us. We could not battle the elements a minute longer.

With a cheery smile, Gabriella offered to continue the tour in later spring when the weather is gayer friendly. We are looking forward to it as she was a pleasure to spend time with.

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