Saturday, February 16, 2013

Had a Job List

I was cleaning out some files on the computer and came across this list I had done for my graduation party when I received my doctorate. I had it as a poster to show where I had been and how far I had come. It seems like ages ago now and the list has increased exponentially since it was first written, but I have not added to it.

Ryan’s Long List of Jobs and Careers

Leon’s Arcade – Coin changer Long Branch, NJ  13 years old

Miles Shoe Store – Stockboy and Salesman, Eatontown, NJ  15 y.o.

Private Family - Gardener and general slave, Elberon, NJ  16 y.o.

Bishop’s Restaurant – Dishwasher, New Lothrop, MI  17 y.o.

Biscayne Bay Restaurant – Waiter, Miami, FL  18 y.o.

Red Flag Taxi Company – Driver and Dispatcher, Jamestown, NY 

Jamestown Country Club – Waiter, Jamestown, NY 

Daily’s Diner – Owner and Operator, Warren, PA  19 y.o.

Grants Department Store – Pet Department Manager, Shrewsbury, NJ

Woolco Department Store – Pet Department Manager and Paint Sales - Shrewsbury, NJ

New York and Long Branch Railroad – Drawbridge Operator, Ticket Agent, Switchboard Operator – All over Central Jersey

Teresa’s Beauty Salon – Hairdresser, Long Branch, NJ

Started back to college for my B. A. degree – Thomas A. Edison State College 1976

Hair House – Hairdresser, Spring Lake, NJ

Graduated with a B. A. in Psychology 1979

Sears and Roebuck – Credit Collector, Eatontown, NJ

New Jersey State School for the Mentally Retarded – Teacher of Deaf and Blind, Mentally Retarded, Woodbridge, NJ

New Jersey State Department of Human Services – Welfare Investigator, Trenton, New Jersey

St. Michael Elementary School – Teacher 3-6 grades, Philadelphia, PA

Started Masters in Social Work – Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 1983

Graduated with a Masters in Social Work 1986

Stanislaus County Department of Social Services – Child Protective Services Investigator, Modesto, CA

Modesto Junior College - Starting teaching Human Services, then Human Sexual Behavior, and Sociology 1987- 1999

Memorial Hospitals Association – Coordinator of Social Services, Modesto, CA

Crossroads Psychiatric Facility – Clinical Social Worker, Ceres, CA

Started New Directions…In Social Work Care, Owner and self-employed as a medical social work consultant 1990, Modesto, CA

Changed the company name to Therapeutic Interventions 1995 - Medical social work consultant, started EAP programs, private practice therapist, life coaching

Started on doctorate degree in International and Multicultural Education, University of San Francisco, August, 1997

Graduated May 20, 2000   What is next?  Stay tuned for the next list.

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