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One for the Money

One for the Money (novel)
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If anyone knows Janet Evanovitch's Plum series, her protagonist is Stephanie Plum, a half-hearted bond recovery agent. Each book is numbered.  Evanovitch is a funny author, as in her writing is comical and meant to be such. However, by book nine or ten, they started to wear down. Stephanie was getting redundant like an Alzheimer's patient who is living through the movie Groundhog Day. The books should be titled Deja vu 10, Deja vu 11 and so on. 

The only thing that kept me reading was the fact that it took place in NJ in an Italian neighborhood. Being from NJ and an Italian neighborhood, it had an aroma of my youthful home.

The current offering being hawked is Explosive Eighteen. The only reason I keep reading is because I hoped this dip in talent was only a momentary curse that would be remedied by the next number. Numerology has not helped. Stephanie is still incompetent even after 18 books; her sidekick HO named Lulu is still fat and outlandish aside from being lazy; her Hungarian Grandma is still attending funerals for fun and assurance that she is not laid out in the casket.

We early Plum fans were promised a movie based on the book years ago, but it never seemed to get off of the ground.Finally, filmed and released, we watched the long awaited One for the Money based on Janet Evanovitch's first Plum book. As much as I like Katherine Heigl as an actress for the most part, she is not Stephanie Plum, Jason O'Mara playing an Italian down to the last gene? I think not! Daniel Sunjata might be handsome, but he doesn't live up to the commanding darkly dangerous figure that Ranger is portrayed as in the books. This was such a major disappointment, I could only barely watch it to the end. Even Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 2%, but IMDB was a bit more generous with a 4.9 vote.

Evanovitch needs to hang up her pen or retire her computer if she is going to be a sell out like this. Even book 18 has received horrendous reader reviews on Amazon with 129 one starred comments. It seems she is just Plum worn out.

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