Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Movie

New Year’s Eve was totally uneventful. We watched the Swedish version of the movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was dubbed well. Fireworks started around 11:30 pm and went on until 1:30 am, but subsided until this morning when they picked up again at noon. After breakfast, we spent the morning reading, working on photos and other essentials like that. There is not much to do here during normal times, alerting us to the fact that today would be a wash.

Plans for the day did include going to a movie. We had checked yesterday and found that Mission Impossible 4 was the only movie in English with Spanish subtitles. All the others were dubbed, which may have been a learning experience, but a bit over our heads unless we chose the Muppet Movie.

Leaving the hotel at 1:30 pm gave us plenty of time to walk downtown and stroll with the zillions of others who apparently had nothing better to do either. The pedestrian street was mobbed with people. Funny, the only stores that were open were the shoes stores. The fast food restaurants were open, but a number of the regular restaurants were closed also.

The movie theater is on the 2nd level of an expansive arcade. There are all types of entertaining games of chance to swallow your money along with different food vendors to nourish you while you are doing it. After buying our tickets to the movie, which was not hard to swallow as they were only 1.80 Euros a piece, and then handing them over to the ticket taker, there are 6 different theaters. Suddenly we were in Cineplex - Anywhere in the world. In the center of this massive choice, sits the mandatory snack stand with a multitude of choices, but we both had hankerings for popcorn. They had melted butter for it too, something we don’t get in Hungary. We sat around waiting for 2:30 for the movie to begin. The theater looked like any other modern movie theater. Without any preliminaries the movie began. Opening scenes, Budapest, Hungary! First there is a fly over the parliament and St. Istvan’s and then on to one of the railroad stations. Of course one of the good guys gets shot dead within the first ten minutes. Too bad too, it was Josh Holloway from Lost who was killed.

The thing I liked best about the movie was the popcorn. What we did not realize is that the movie involves Russians. Who would have guessed? When the dialogue was in Russian, we had to depend on the Spanish subtitles to find our way through the story; there was a considerable amount of Russian. I always find it funny when the English spoken doesn’t match the Spanish subs and the reverse.

By the time we got out it was close to 4:30 and we knew we had to be back before dark or get a taxi to get back again. Our new favorite coffee place was open, so we stopped for a coffee, which I really needed. I kept falling asleep during the film. We discovered this chain restaurant called Quizmos that is like Subways only better and much less expensive. The other day, we each had a salad for lunch and it was brimming with wholesome food. For dinner, we bought a roast beef sandwich to share and each of us ordered a salad. The sandwich is brimming with meat, topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, and heated. It is not fluffed up with the lettuce and other accompaniments that Subways uses to make their sandwiches look fuller. We were back by 5:50 just as it was getting to be twilight.

Tonight, we will watch another movie on the computer and tomorrow, we leave for Rio Dulce, a forested area of the country in a natural reserve.

Happy, healthy, and Prosperous New Year to All!!
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