Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is my birthday. January is a busy month with birthdays of people within my circle of friends, students,and acquaintances as well.

Happy January birthday to

Dr. Alma Flor Ada - my doctoral mentor and adviser

John E. Holmes - a former roommate and friend

Sheila Orlowski - a sister I adopted as my very own back in 1969 and have held on to her ever since.

Ray Ruiz - a blog reader who convince me to buy property in Florida. I still like him regardless.

Cami Billick - the daughter of one of Ron's best friends. We share the same birthday.

Daniel Cseh - a fantastic former student who had his birthday yesterday

W. Hunter Thomas - our new friend in Budapest

Kevin French - my nephew

Jack French - my father who passed away last January days before his 84th birthday

Thomas Nettis - my uncle
 Here are some famous names who also share a January 5th birthday.

05 - Jan - 1978    January Jones (34)
05 - Jan - 1969    Marilyn Manson  (43)
05 - Jan - 1953    Pamela Sue Martin  (59)
05 - Jan - 1946    Diane Keaton  (66)
05 - Jan - 1942    Charlie Rose  (70)
05 - Jan - 1938    Juan Carlos I, King of Spain  (74)
05 - Jan - 1931    Robert Duvall  (81)

I am sure there are others that I may have missed and if so, I am sorry, but I hope your birthday is happy also. 
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