Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Now My Love?

What Now My Love? Now that it's over...Snowy, cold Budapest, that is what is next.

So today is our last day of vacation. Tomorrow morning, we fly from here to Christ Church, Christ Church to Tokyo. There we have a twenty-one hour stop-over, where the plan is to leave staying overnight in a hotel and returning the airport to continue the journey. We will then fly from Tokyo to Munich followed by Munich to Budapest. We arrive in Budapest at 10:30pm. I have to be at school the following morning at 9am for State exams. In some ways, I am happy to be going home. I need to be assured where the bathroom is during the middle of the night. When you move around as often as we have, in nighttime sleepy coma, it seems like someone is pulling bad trick by moving the bathroom around the building.
We won’t have much to report today. We are getting laundry done, hoping clean laundry packs easier that dirty to fit it all into our allocated two suitcases. That third suitcase is still sitting in our room. It is like an unwanted animal that is left along the roadside that keeps finding its way back home. Well, if I am honest, I have yet been able to set it free into the wild with hopes that someone will adopt it, giving it a good home.
Unfortunately, this hostel does not use the Internet service that I have credit with. All of the YHAs use Global Gossip, but this is not a YHA hostel. To find locations where I may be able to use it, I went into an electronics store to ask. Better yet, they have just received the iPad, so they were available to try out. I had an opportunity to try the iPad, do a web search and found that the hostel two doors down from our hostel uses Global Gossip. I am going to try to see if they will let me use their lobby for an hour.

Chances are nothing special is going to happen today, but if it does, it will appear here later as a separate posting. This trip, we have traveled on jets, planes, cars, shuttles, vans, trucks, ferries, and trains. We missed bicycles, horses, skateboards, and helicopters. Always leave wanting.
Now, before I sign off from Auckland, I would like everyone to get up and give Ron a standing ovation for his perfect planning on this trip. Every time someone asked me anything about it, I had to defer to him. He did it all, researched it all over months, made all of the reservations, in essence he did the entire thing without much input from me. I make the last comment only on a positive note. Usually, I am overwhelmed with school; Ron will run things by me, but I generally nod my head, say “whatever you think” since he had researched the ins and outs, so in reality the entire trip is a surprise. He did a superlative job, though I admit I did have my doubts when I learned how many bus rides we would be taking, how many cities we would be at, how many one night stands were involved, but it all turned out excellently. Kudos, Ron and thank you for another fantastic vacation adventure.    
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