Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Bother Me, I Am on Vacation

It it were not for a perfectly wonderful sleep, I would resent having to do some work today. This is my vacation after all. However, I have agreed to co-teach a writing course with one of my colleagues for a private school. We did the same thing last year and we received such excellent reviews from the populace, they asked us to do a repeat performance. They pay extremely well, so once it is over, I am buying myself a Samsung Galaxy i9000 phone. 

The problem is that I thought we were supposed to do this course in February. We do two classes for two hours for two weekends. They contacted me to get my handouts. This school is so professional it is a pleasure working with them, but I don't have my handouts on my netbook. They are all living on the desktop at home. I was going to edit, add, and delete some of the information. I cannot do it without what is on the home drive, so I had to spend about 3 hours today writing and researching. 

It really was not too bad; Te Anau is tiny. We went for a walk today along the lake. There is a nature center where they have NZ native birds that are going extinct. We were more than halfway there, when I realized I had forgotten the memory card for my computer in the netbook. Without the ability to take photos, life is no longer a snap. It is not fully exposed.

Ron went on and I returned to the hostel. As I was walking back this family had dozens of ducks and seagulls around eating bread. On my way back I picked up a loaf of bread. When Ron and I met up, he had already been to the Wildlife Center, only saw one parrot and left disappointed. We went to feed the ducks and seagulls, which was more excitement than I could have expected in this little burg. It is a treat not to have something that we feel obligated to see or do.

I did get my research done and rewrote my portion of the course. There is still time for some Internet phone shopping
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