Monday, December 14, 2009

Vienna, Zurich, Nairobi

Satellite view of Vienna
The flights from Vienna to Zurich and then Zurich to Nairobi were nondescript. On the long haul, we had emergency row seats, so extra leg room. The movies were on a continuous loop, depending on the channel, so one could not start and stop a movie. If you tuned in too late, you missed out on part of the movie. Our screen resolution was not the best, so we did not bother with the movies after twenty minutes of eye strain. Most of the time, we either read or slept. I think I basically slept through the majority of the 7 hours - 50 minutes of the flight from Zurich to Nairobi. The flight attendants gave us six different forms that had to be filled in upon arrival.

Non-citizen, diplomatic, travel document, and ...

When we landed, we had to get entry Visas. There are separate lines for Visas as opposed to those who can enter on a passport only or who already have their Visa. One of the airport attendants directed us around the corner where there was no waiting, supposedly. However, when we arrived, the line was just as long as the one we had left. It took us over two hours in line to get our Visas. I thought for sure our luggage would have been dropped off, ripped off, and forever missing during this time. Our flight was continuing on to yet another country after depositing us here in Nairobi. How little faith I have, it was there without a hitch. 

As we left the secured area, our driver was waiting with a sign in hand. He drove us to our hotel. Along the way, the modern buildings did not escape my attention. The three story high billboards were quite alarming also; each showing the latest in mobile phones and Vodafone being the mobile carrier of choice here. Had I brought my mobile, I could have connected quite easily. So much for this being behind the times. 

Our modern and tasteful hotel the Upperhill Country Lodge, where we will be spending the next three nights has free WiFi for guests. Get a clue Australian properties.  Regardless of the sleep we had on the plane, we were still anticipating a full night's sleep here too. It is two hours ahead from continental Europe. Although, it is approaching summer, it was dark out at 7:00 pm when we landed. We were told that being close to the equator, the dusk is about thirty minutes long. Sunset...boom...darkness.

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