Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't Experience

Yesterday, I received an SMS that my Pentax K-x camera was in, so I asked Ron to go pick it up. After reading the US Travel Advisory for Kenya, I was consciously hoping it would not arrive before we left. With my vivid imagination, I could see it getting stolen at gun or knife-point on while innocently taking a photo on some street in Nairobi. If the camera had not arrived, I could just say fate played a role in it and chalk it up to timing. However, now that I had it in my hand, I had to make those difficult decisions. Do I want to take a new camera that was Expensive, yes with a capital E and one that I had not learned to use? The thought of giving an involuntary gift to some poor Kenyan was not on my agenda. What to do, what to do? The deciding factor was the manual. There was no printed manual in English. A Hungarian manual filling more than 200 pages was of no use to me and certainly not to any robber who may acquire my camera.

The English manual is only on a CD rom. I was able to copy it to my Netbook computer, but that would be extremely cumbersome when on safari and needing to know how to make an adjustment. Hey lion, could you slow down your running after that gazelle; I am trying to find the action mode on this camera.Damn the store for finally coming through and getting it here two days before we leave. Had they come through earlier as promised, I would have had the time to play with it learning the nuances.

Dear Kenyans,
If you decide to rob me, you will have to settle for my old Minolta Dimage 7 model camera.
With regrets,
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