Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans. I know our Canadian friends celebrated it last month and I missed it. Sorry!

Our holiday meal is supposed to be delivered today, courtesy of the Marriott Hotel. Well not really courtesy, since we paid dearly for the dinner. To make it holiday-ish, I had to supplement it with some of my traditional touches. I made artichoke dip, which is served hot, but is so much better the next day that I made it last night. Then we will start with pumpkin soup thanks to the guests who have read on our website that canned pumpkin would make our holiday more special. I also make mushrooms, the way my Italian grandmother prepared them; after slicing them, they are coated in bread crumbs, Italian seasonings, and grated Romano cheese and baked.

I don't know how I had managed to do the whole dinner in the past for a table full of guests. Just those three things last night wore me out. Of course, when I was in the States, I had more time to prepare, because I could leave work early on Wednesday and had all Thursday morning. Here, I had to return to the university for a doctoral dissertation qualifying exam and did not get home until 5 pm. I also have to teach this morning. Although, this is the American Studies department, we do not get the holiday off. Pity!

What I will give thanks for is too long to list, so I will short-list it. Ron, friends, students, and the ability to live in Hungary and travel the world. There are numerous sub-categories under each and other major categories left out, but you get the idea.


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