Monday, November 23, 2009

Aye, I, Eye

I went for my month post surgery check-up today. Not only was I able to read the first screen of four lines, but I continued through the next three screens of progressively smaller letters. The doctor said I was at 100%, but in four weeks, I would be at 120% . It is astonishing to be able to see such distances that in the past I could not even imagine. The only issue is lights. Lights, especially indoors, have halos or at night look like star filters. She said that would clear also, it was normal. I have one more appointment before we leave on our trip and then not again for four months. 

One the way home, I ordered a new camera. I decided on the Pentax K-X after reading dozens of reviews. My current camera was top notch when I bought it, but now my mobile phone camera has more megapixels than the camera does. After contacting some former guests, who had great photos, the Pentax was the winner. After some hunting around, completely done by one of my students, I found a great deal. The camera body, an 18-55mm lens and an additional 50-200mm lens. Originally, I thought I wanted it in red to make it distinguishable, but later, I had second thoughts about a distinguishable camera when traveling. It is on order and will be in in under two weeks. Just enough time to play with it before leaving.

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