Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah

This is the soccer mom without a script in hand. Viva la difference. Actually, they should have kept her hidden even longer. "Palin repeated buzz phrases--"greed and corruption of Wall Street," for instance--over and over. (She was obviously coached to use the word maverick repeatedly, former Republican Senator Rick Santorum observed after the debate.) For some viewers, her autopilot replies might be a turnoff. But for conservatives and independents who want to like her, she probably performed well enough--and she probably performed well enough to stop the hemorrhaging she had caused the campaign.… After the debate, Santorum commented, "Did she show she had a familiarity with a number of particular policy matters? Not particularly." But, he added, she had come across as "clear and concise" and had managed to convey a positive impression of herself and her views to the American public.…When Biden praised Obama, he praised his ideas, his proposals. When Palin hailed McCain, she hailed him, his personal qualities. Fighter. Maverick. Reformer. The debate, in a way, was a contest between a policy-person and a people-person. A CBS News poll of uncommitted voters found that 46 percent of them scored Biden the winner, over 21 percent who favored Palin. A CNN poll gave Biden a 51-to-36 percent win." Full article is here

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