Friday, February 15, 2008

Water, Lights, Third World

Last week there was a notice on the front door of our building stating the water would be shut off on the whole block due to the new apartment building they are building down the street. Each time this happens, we seem to have problems when they turn it back on and this time was no exception. The water went off on Friday morning, but when it was turned on again at 5:00 pm, our kitchen faucet just trickled water like an old man with kidney stones. Our building manager's office is only open on Tuesday and Thursday, but if desperate enough the water in the bathrooms were fine. Tuesday, Ron called the manager and within a couple of hours a two plumbers were at our door. It only took them minutes to discover that the problem was our water heater, which resides under the sink. They said it was shot and had to be replaced. I asked him to write down exactly what we needed so we could go buy it and then call them to install it. All of this was done with Balazs on the phone handing the phone back and forth. Balazs being only 22 years old, did not think of what to me were the obvious questions when he was speaking to the plumber, so we did a back and forth a number of times. Balazs has some short term memory issues when he is nervous. Ron went on Wednesday to get the heater. Balazs called the plumbers again and they scheduled us for today at 9:30, but shockingly arrived at 9:20. I went to physical therapy leaving Ron in charge. When I returned, the heater was in, but there is still no hot water. The plumber now has to get an electrician to fix the outlet down there that the hot water tank plugs into. In the meanwhile, we discovered that the wall that the computer was plugged into has no electricity at all, though none of the circuit breakers are off. All of the outlets and the wall lamp on that wall are kaput. There is something about my energy field or aura that does not do well with electrical items. When I was a child, we had milk machines. Put in a quarter and out popped a quart of milk. One time, I put in my quarter while my mother had the car running. As I was heading back to the car, I heard another plop. When I turned, there was a second quart of milk. This continued for 20 quarts, emptying the machine. My mother called the company when we got home to report it, but they told her to enjoy it. Once it was out, they could not do anything with it. They did ask her to keep me away from the machines in the future, though.

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