Monday, February 18, 2008

The New Laptop

The laptop I ordered for my use at school was supposed to be ready today, but I was not venturing there until Balazs was out of classes and could call for me. He called me at 3:30 to say his class was canceled and he would go with me to pick it up. They called him at 9:00 am to say it was ready. They had it hooked up when we arrived to show me that not only had my Windows installed, but also had it updated. The most important part was that the keyboard was an English one, which is why I had to special order it in the first place. I was charged. The B-man came home with me to reinstall Windows on the new desktop that was corrupted when the electric went out. I had to set him up in the hallway; we still don't have the electric fixed in the kitchen. I started loading programs on the laptop. We were like computer central. It was a good thing he was here. I installed programs that I had on disk and the strangest thing happened. When they installed, they showed up in Hungarian. The programs are English programs, so Balazs had to help me change the language setting back to English. If something can go wrong with anything electrical, it will happen to me.

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