Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Year's Resolutions

One of my New Year resolutions was to get a new refrigerator. We went out today and looked at them and bought a much larger one than the one we have. For six years now, we have been getting by with a refrigerator that is not much larger than the types you buy for a dorm room. They deliver on Thursday and although it is only 50 centimeters wide, it is 178 centimeters tall. It has a wine rack and the freezer has drawers. It will be so exciting to have a freezer, but since frozen food is not common here, I am not certain what we will fill it with, but we will find something. One resolution to check off of the list. The second resolution happens on Thursday also. On the way back from the appliance store, I stopped at my hairdresser and booked an appointment to have my hair colored. After being au natural for three years, I have come to grips with not looking at this old face in the mirror any longer. The reason I quit coloring my hair in the past was the efforts it took to color my mustache and beard too. Now they are both gone and I won't fuss with it myself, but have it professionally done. More resolutions coming up.

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