Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shots and Stamps

The local grocery store, Kaiser, in cooperation with some other stores are giving out stamps for every 1,ooo Huf you spend. For those of us old enough to remember the GREEN Stamps issued when you shopped way back when, it is a similar perk. However, these stamps are only redeemable for silverware and matching serving pieces that match. For 20 stamps, you can get a 5 piece place setting of silverware for 2,980 Huf, but if you fill your card with 50 stamps, the cost is reduced to 990 Huf. The way Ron shops daily, we filled a card within a couple of weeks, not that we need the silverware, but in case someone else can use the filled cards, we continue to collect them. Yesterday, we went to the house doctor for our flu shots. The clinic opened at 4pm, but Ron misread the sign and we arrived at 2pm. The doctor was not in, but the nurse was kind enough to wave us in and give us the shots. For the two of us with our insurance, it cost us 1,890 Huf for both of us. As we were leaving, the nurse came running grumbling something we were clueless about. It was not until we looked at her outstretched hand that we realized that our clinic gives out stamps also. Three more stamps for our future silverware collection.

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